Convenient Medical Rides

When an ambulance puts “rubber to road” chances are, a life may be on line. That life depends on this vehicle making deliveries on time. Ambulances deliver highly trained emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) to the patients and deliver the patients to a nearby hospital. The quicker the deliveries are made, the more likely the patients are to survive. Hence, the need for dedicated medical transport, such as an ambulance. Most will agree, ambulances are beneficial; however, the obvious reasons why go much deeper than the surface.

Ambulance service

The “golden hour” creates the largest demand for ambulances in our communities. It is a key principle in emergency medicine. The clock starts ticking at the moment of illness or injury, not when help is called. From that moment, the ambulance has one hour to reach, treat, and deliver the patient to a higher level of medical care. What happens after sixty minutes? The rate of patient survivability begins declining more rapidly as time goes on. Providing EMT’s and patients with efficient transportation greatly increases the chances of patient delivery to a hospital within the “golden hour”.

Ambulances are equipped and staffed specifically to save lives. Hooks to hang I.V. bags, oxygen tanks, medications, a highly trained crew, and possibly a former NASCAR driver behind the wheel are all major benefits reaped by those who call for a ride. When an ambulance shows up on a scene, we are confident that the personnel are: proficient in their skills, the equipment on board may be the difference between life and death, and that driver is looking to beat his last lap time.

Ambulance & Experienced EMTs

Even the design of ambulances has benefits. Every inch of the back was designed to assist the EMT with providing critical medical interventions. The EMT can access and operate equipment with ease in a tight space thanks to the ambulance’s clever storage layout. Seconds make a difference inside the “golden hour”. The exterior design is also extremely beneficial. Ambulances utilize highly visible exterior features like reflective markings, their “boxy” frame, lights, and sirens to make them easy to spot. In a world where time is everything, it is important that ambulances are easily identifiable. When an ambulance is identified, most people do their best to clear a path. This clear path means saving time and saving time means saving lives.

A lighting fast delivery system of experienced EMT’s, critical medical equipment, and patient transport to a hospital all make the ambulance quite beneficial. Although, describing it in this way may make the idea of such a thing seem inconceivable, considering most food delivery services cannot deliver an order within the “golden hour”. Yet, the ambulance makes it possible to make two deliveries within this hour consistently, thanks to their crew, equipment, and design. Without them, we would be clutching our chest with one hand and sticking our thumb out with the other looking for a ride to the hospital.